Promote sporting fixtures

This automated service advertises all of the upcoming sports fixtures in your venue. There's no need to scour the media each week - we do it all for you! Simply select the channels you display in your venue and all of the week's matches will be promoted on your screens. The adverts are then automatically removed once the game has been played. This service is unique to AdGen.

Scrolling ticker and news feeds

Add a scrolling message bar to your screens and create welcome messages or announcements to inform and entertain your customers. Alternatively, you can subscribe to one of our pre-set feeds for up-to-the-minute news and sports updates from Sky and the BBC.

Schedule adverts in advance

You can schedule your adverts to appear on the day and time of your choice - great for sending out time-sensitive messages or promoting offers at specific times of the day.

Huge library of templates

You will never be stuck for choice with our ever-expanding library of adverts, arranged into categories such as food, drink, music, games and many more. Finding the right template for your advert is quick and easy! Simply choose your template, enter your info, add it to your playlist and see it on your screen in minutes.

Control your organisation or company

AdGen puts you in complete control of your organisation or company accounts. Our administration area is simple to use and enables you to manage all aspects of your account such as users, screens, playlists and adverts.